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How to Reheat Chicken and Dumplings

In the rhythm of our busy lives, there’s something very comforting about a bowl of easy chicken and dumplings. Filled with memories of family gatherings, snow days, and grandmother’s kitchen, this dish holds a special place in many people’s hearts. 

However, preparing such a meal from scratch every time you’re craving it can be a daunting task. Here’s where the art of reheating comes in–you can savor this special dish without compromising on taste, even on your busiest days.

A fluffy dumpling on a soup spoon.

The Basics of Reheating

Reheating food can be tricky. We’ve all had meals we loved the night before turn inedible on the stove the next day. The key to reheating chicken and dumplings is to preserve the texture of the dumplings and the flavor of the chicken. 

Part of what makes this meal special is that you can freeze dumplings and you can bake dumplings, making them one of the most easily preserved home-cooked meals someone can make!

Stovetop Method

The stovetop is arguably the best way to reheat chicken and dumplings. It allows for even heating and maintains the integrity of the dumplings. Start by placing the chicken and dumplings in a pot with a small amount of broth or water–just enough to create some steam and prevent the chicken and dumplings from drying out. 

Next, warm the pot over medium heat, stirring gently until it’s thoroughly heated. This method not only warms the dish but can also revive the flavors. With this technique, your chicken and dumplings will be as rich and inviting as when you first made them.

Microwave Method

The microwave offers a quick alternative when reheating. Transfer a serving of chicken and dumplings into a microwave-safe dish, adding a splash of broth or water. 

Then, cover it with a microwave-safe lid, leaving a corner open for steam to escape. Heat it on high for a couple of minutes, then stir and check that it’s completely heated through. 

You can repeat this process as needed in thirty-second intervals. While this method is faster, it requires a bit more attention to avoid overcooking the dumplings.

Oven Method

For larger gatherings or family meals, reheating in the oven is probably the best bet. Preheat your oven to around 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the chicken and dumplings in an oven-safe dish, once again adding a bit of broth or water. Cover the dish with aluminum foil and cook for about twenty to twenty-five minutes, or until thoroughly warmed.

Nutritious and Convenient

For the health-conscious and time-pressed parent, reheating chicken and dumplings can be a lifesaver. Having healthy home cooked meals waiting for you in the freezer is the easiest way to enjoy delicious food whenever you want it; it’s also one of the best ways to keep a commitment to healthy eating without letting a busy schedule get in the way!

Reviving Comfort

Some meals are more than just food–they involve tradition and memories of childhood. With chicken and dumplings, you can enjoy those memories and traditions again and again. By choosing the right reheating method, you can enjoy a comforting meal with your family, even during the busiest of days!

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