Rachel’s Bridal Shower Cake

Bodice cake

My godson, Wade is getting married to his childhood sweetheart Rachel.  They are such a cute couple and I am very excited for them.  The first time I saw the two of them together I knew they would make a perfect match. Rachel’s calm and serene demeanor compliments Wades animated and gregarious personality.  I’m looking forward to the wedding and seeing the two of them build a life together.

corset cake

The plans for the wedding are coming together and we just finished throwing Rachel a bridal shower.  Since they have chosen yellow and blue for their wedding colors, I decided to go with those colors for the bridal shower cake.

corset cake

I made a vanilla butter cake with lemon curd filling and carved it in an hourglass shape.  I covered the cake in my white chocolate/marshmallow fondant and decorated it to look like a corset.  I put pleats around the bodice of the cake and ruffles on the bottom tier.  I finished the cake with a bunch of fondant ribbon roses and a few fondant leaves.

corset cake

When I sat back and looked at the cake, I realized the hourglass shape that I thought would be appropriate, made the figure look a bit too hippy. In order to break the lines up a bit and detract from the heavier hips, I placed some flowers at the bottom of the hourglass. It was a fun cake to make but if I do another corset cake I will shape the bottom of the bodice with less curve to make it look slimmer.


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