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Can I Use Flaky Biscuits for Dumplings?

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make chicken with dumpling soup, one trick is to use prepackaged tubes of biscuits found in the refrigerated section of the grocery store in lieu of making homemade dough. It’s also better to use buttermilk biscuits than the flaky style because they will hold together better during the cooking process.

Chicken and dumplings are a traditional Southern meal, and there are many versions of this classic comfort food in other parts of the United States (as well as other parts of the world). Biscuits, too, are found on the plates of many Southern specialties. Combining the two is a wonderful way to treat your family to soul-warming comfort food that they will never turn down!

Dumplings on top of soup in a Dutch oven.

Keep It Simple With Biscuits

Using biscuit dough for dumplings is an easy adjustment to any soup recipe. Simply open the package with a good whack on the edge of the kitchen counter along the seam of the package. It will pop open like magic.

Cut each biscuit into quarters and shape the dough into balls or strips before dropping them into the simmering soup. Make sure the shapes are uniform in size so they cook evenly.

Some people recommend rolling the to-be dumplings in flour, covering all sides to keep them from sticking to each other or dissolving in the soup. The extra flour will help thicken the soup as well. However, you don’t want to overdo the flour and risk having your wonderful soup turn into a puddle of mush.

Simmer the biscuit-dumplings for about fifteen minutes until cooked through. Do not stir while they are cooking.

At the end of the fifteen minutes, you can test a dumpling by sticking a toothpick into the center to see if it comes out clear (or you can sacrifice a dumpling for a taste test). This is a much more reliable way to see if the dumplings are finished than waiting for them to float to the surface (which they sometimes don’t do).

The Bisquick Option

Bisquick is another fast way to make biscuits. If you use Bisquick (or something similar) to make a biscuit dough, make sure the amount of milk in the mixture is correct. If you use too much, the dumplings will come apart while cooking. Adding an egg or two into the milk before mixing with Bisquick will give the dough some extra binding power. Also, stop stirring as soon as a soft dough forms. If overmixed, the dumplings will be too dense and take too long to cook.

Words of Advice

To prevent your dumplings from dissolving while cooking, lower the heat to simmer after putting them into the boiling liquid, and don’t try to air fry your dumplings.

It’s also advisable to enjoy the soup shortly after cooking. While you can reheat the soup for serving, keeping the biscuits in the pot for an extended period can cause them to disintegrate, potentially resulting in a soup that’s excessively thick. How long is homemade chicken soup good for can depend on certain variables. If you have extra, stick it in the refrigerator for a few days or freeze it to use later on.

If you have extra biscuit dough, form small rolls and throw them in the oven to serve your soup. You can’t go wrong using a recipe from our website with a side of steaming warm biscuits to dunk in chicken soup!

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