Italian Orange Cream Soda

Our orange creamsicle soda is a bubbly and creamy drink that will transport you back to the nostalgic moments of childhood. Whether you're raising a glass to cherished memories with friends or simply savoring a moment of pure bliss, this Italian soda is sure to bring a smile to your face. The combination of vanilla ice cream, orange sherbet, and fizzy carbonated water creates a timeless flavor that will take you on a  journey down memory lane.

Italian orange cream soda

– ce cubes – 1-1/2 cups club soda – 1/4 cup Orange Torani Syrup – 1 scoop orange sherbet – 1 scoop vanilla ice cream

ingredients for Italian cream soda

An Italian soda is like a super refreshing soft drink made from carbonated water and flavored syrup. It's got this awesome mix of flavors and gives you that fizzy sensation that's just so good!

Italian Cream Soda Recipe

Even though it's called "Italian", it wasn't actually invented in Italy. It was actually created by Italian immigrants who made Torani syrup. And now, Italian cream sodas are a total crowd pleaser enjoyed by people all over the world.

Fun Fact

Orange creamsicle flavor

If you love the classic flavors in a creamsicle, you’ll love our creamy orange Italian soda. It's a tasty fountain soda with a creamy orange flavor that takes you back to those refreshing Italian orange fountain drinks. Orange cream sodas have this awesome mix of fizziness and creaminess that just makes them so darn irresistible.

Italian sodas are a hit with everyone, and this orange float soda is no exception. This cream soda perfectly combines creamy goodness with a tangy citrus twist, making it a seriously delicious treat. This Italian soda is a timeless classic that kids and adults alike will enjoy.

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