Easy Smoked Whole Chicken

Our smoked whole chicken is juicy and tender with a crispy, caramelized skin. Start with a flavorful brine for extra juiciness, then cover it with an award-winning smoked chicken rub. Smoke it low and slow to infuse it with an amazing flavor, and baste it with a chicken mop sauce during the smoke. Finally, coat it with a tangy BBQ sauce and finish it off hot and fast to give it a crispy skin and caramelize the sauce.

Chicken Brine for Smoking: Water Kosher salt Granulated sugar Black peppercorns Garlic Bay leaves Fresh thyme Fresh rosemary Fresh sage Italian parsley Spring onions Lemons Ice Whole chicken


Smoked Chicken Rub: Brown sugar Salt Smoked paprika Chili powder Ground black pepper Garlic powder Cinnamon Cumin Cayenne Dried marjoram Olive oil


Chicken Mop Sauce: Apple cider vinegar Worcestershire sauce Brown sugar Smoked chicken rub Tabasco sauce To Finish the Chicken: BBQ sauce


Brine the bird.

Step One

Season with the dry rub (make sure to get under the chicken skin). 

Step Two

Smoke the chicken and apply the mop sauce during the smoke. 

Step Three

Coat the chicken with BBQ sauce and crank up the heat to caramelize the sauce.

Step Four

Let the chicken rest at room temperature before carving.

Step Five

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