Chorizo Chicken Paella

Experience the flavors of Spain with this incredible Chicken and Chorizo Paella recipe. We'll guide you through creating the delicious sofrito, selecting the perfect rice, and achieving that crispy, caramelized socarrat that will make your dinner unforgettable. It's like bringing the joy of Spanish cooking right into your own kitchen! And the best part about this paella? It's so versatile! Feel free to swap out the vegetables based on what's in season. Let your creativity shine through!

Spanish Chicken Paella

Meat: Chicken and Spanish chorizo sausage. – Herbs and spices: saffron threads, smoked paprika, bay leaves. salt, pepper, – Pantry: paella rice, broth, canned tomatoes, a jar of roasted red peppers, olive oil – Produce: onion, garlic, red pepper, lemon, parsley – Freezer: green peas

Ingredients for chicken paella

Sofrito is the secret ingredient - a tasty mix of onions, garlic, tomatoes, and peppers that adds flavor to numerous Spanish and Latin American dishes, like paella. So versatile and delicious!

The secret to great paella

Advance prep: By making the flavor-packed sofrito 2 to 3 days ahead, you can save time and add instant flavor to other recipes like ground beef tacos, enchiladas, or even soups. I often make a double batch so I can enjoy the deliciousness whenever I want!

Advance prep

Paella recipe

Paella isn't just a meal; it's an incredible experience. It's a dish made for sharing, making it absolutely perfect for gatherings!

With this Chicken and Chorizo Paella recipe, each spoonful is a taste adventure, filled with comforting, aromatic flavors that will transport you straight to Spain. Don't forget, the secret is in the sofrito and the love you pour into your cooking.

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