Green Chili Tamale Pie Skillet Bake

Get ready to meet your new go-to weeknight dinner: Green Chili Tamale Pie. This skillet casserole is all about comfort food, with tasty beef and black bean filling, smothered in chili verde sauce, and topped with a golden layer of cornbread. It's hearty, flavorful, and brings a touch of Southwestern flair to your kitchen.

Green Chili Tamale Skillet Casserole

– onion, – chili powder, cumin, salt – 3 garlic cloves – ground beef – black beans, – 1 cup Chili verde sauce or green enchilada sauce – Colby Jack cheese, grated – cans of green chilies – cornbread topping

Ingredients for beef tamale pie 

This tamale pie tastes like grandmas recipe with all the flavors of a classic tamale, but in an easy skillet-style presentation that’s perfect for family dinners. The chili verde sauce adds just the right amount of smoky flavor to balance out the sweetness from the cornbread topping.

Grandmas tamale pie recipe

this Old school tamale pie has a cornbread topping which makes it so much easier to whip up than a true tamale. The topping provides a golden crunch and sweetness that goes perfectly with the beef and beans.

Old school tamale pie with cornbread topping

Make it your own

Can I use store-bought cornbread mix? Yes, a store-bought mix can save time if you don't want to make our cornbread from scratch. What if I don't have a cast-iron skillet? Any oven-safe skillet will work, or you can transfer the filling to a baking dish.

And there you have it, a hearty, homey Green Chili Tamale Pie that promises to add a delicious twist to your weeknight dinners. Not only is it full of flavor and comfort, but it's also  a cinch to make.

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